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Why attend the Retail Performance Academy?

We teach you how to build a fantastic career as one of America’s Elite Retail Sales Associates. Throughout either of our Elite Retail Programs, our 3-Day Boot Camp for advanced retail professionals or 10-Week Semester for new retail professionals, you will learn, rigorously practice, and master the skills of an expert that empower you to spend your precious workdays building human relationships and providing the products that you love to your clients while earning $60,000-$100,000+ in 3-5 years working at a top-tier brand.

Our Elite Retail Programs:

3-Day Boot Camp: designed for brands and privately-owned boutiques with advanced retail front-line professionals who want to take their performance to the next level

To enroll in our March 2017 3-Day Elite Retail Boot Camp, contact us by February 24, 2017: info@retailperformanceacademy.com

10-Week Semester: designed for individuals and boutique owners who want to become advanced and elite retail front-line professionals

Founding of Retail Performance Academy

Our founder, Milton Pedraza, planned and developed the business model of Retail Performance Academy while attending an invitation-only entrepreneur leaders program at Stanford University.

While Mr. Pedraza developed Retail Performance Academy during an Entrepreneurial Executive Program at Stanford University, the company is not affiliated with Stanford University. 

Who should attend the Retail Performance Academy?

  • High school graduates: Maybe college isn’t for you. You need a way to leverage your desire, great people skills, work ethic, and drive to earn a great living
  • Trade school graduates: You attended a trade school, but you find the trade unfulfilling, and you want to find a way to earn a great living with your outgoing personality in a clean, fun environment
  • Students who have left college: You realized college isn’t for you, and you still have the desire to earn a great living in a profession that delivers the same college earnings advantage. You need to earn much more to pay off your college debt
  • Two and four-year college graduates: You are underemployed, unemployed, or stuck in a low paying, boring job that doesn't fit your outgoing personality. You need to earn much more to pay off your college debt
  • Career changers of all ages: You finished your first career journey, took time off, or you want to change careers. You want a job that leverages your great people and entrepreneurial skills to earn a high income
  • Retail sales associates who wish to join the elite income ranks: You work in retail and you love it. You are not getting the world-class training and coaching you deserve to achieve your goals and earn a great living in retail from your current employer. You want to take control of your own destiny
  • Retail managers: You are ready to master the clienteling and coaching skills needed to take your career to the next level, or transition to a luxury brand
  • Boutique owners and their staff: You want to improve sales in order to thrive in a very competitive retail environment

of students who enroll in college in the U.S. drop out, usually after Freshman year, often because they selected the wrong education/career path

$1.3 Trillion
in total student loan debt with the average Class of 2016 graduate owing $37,172

of recent college graduates from 4-year colleges are underemployed (hold a job that does not require a college degree)

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