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3 Day Boot Camp

Elite Retail Boot Camp is Retail Performance Academy’s high performance client relationship solution for retail associates who already work in the industry and desire to achieve much higher sales results:

The Elite Retail Program Boot Camp is a 3-Day Workshop that prepares participants to dramatically accelerate their sales results by transforming them into expert client relationship builders. Participants will acquire the mindset and behaviors that normally take years for an expert retail associate to master.

Students will spend 80% of the 3-Day Boot Camp in class working in teams to rigorously learn, practice and master the mental models and behaviors of elite retail associates, under the supervision of expert trainers.

Students will receive online certification after completing the 3-Day Boot Camp program. Students will then receive monthly online and in-person group coaching and mentoring for six months to ensure each student increases and maintains an expert level of sales performance.

Rigorous, Industry-Aligned Elite Retail Boot Camp Curriculum

Our field-tested 3-Day Boot Camp includes the critical skills and development modules to educate all levels of front-line retail professionals, including:

  • Defining and Establishing Your Life Purpose, Values, and Mindset for Success
  • Redefining the Human Role of the Retail Associate
  • Working Effectively as a Retail Team Member
  • Four Modules of Emotional Intelligence for Retail Performance
  • Retail Success Metrics Development and Application
  • Leveraging the Technology of Retail Performance
  • Self-Assessment and Self-Coaching Skills

Group monthly coaching and mentoring sessions, over a 6-month period, includes:

  • Goal Setting, and Self-Assessment Analysis
  • Retail Success Metrics Review and Performance-Driven Coaching

Who should attend the Retail Performance Academy’s Elite Retail Boot Camp?

  • Retail sales associates who wish to join the elite income ranks:
    You work in retail and you love it. You want to take control of your own destiny as the entrepreneur of your life through world-class training and coaching to achieve your goals and earn a great living in retail.
  • Retail managers and assistant managers:
    You are ready to master the skills needed to take your career to the next level.
  • Boutique owners and their staff:
    You want to dramatically improve your sales in order to thrive in a very competitive retail environment

Elite Retail Boot Camp Benefits

  • Faculty of top-tier expert Retail Executives with a track record of developing top-tier retail talent
  • Program based on proven, documented best practices tested on thousands of global retail sales associates who have leveraged their emotional intelligence to achieve results
  • Low investment of $975.00 vs. trade schools and colleges
  • 3-days of practice-filled, interactive instruction filled with emotional intelligence and behavioral skills that empower you to accelerate your successful retail career
  • Online and in-person coaching and mentoring sessions over a 6-month period to help you maintain momentum
  • Access to a network of Elite Retail Alumni, Faculty, and Top-Tier Retail Brand Executives to help you succeed

Join us for our next 3-Day Boot Camp

Contact info@retailperformanceacademy.com to enroll

Cost: $975 per person

Location: 35th and 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10018

Monday, March 27 – 9:00AM-6:00PM
Tuesday, March 28 – 9:00AM-6:00PM
Wednesday, March 29 – 9:00AM-6:00PM

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