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Parent Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I encourage my child to start a career in retail?

If your child has strong people skills and high emotional intelligence, and is not interested in technical careers such as finance, accounting or coding, we recommend that your child focus on achieving a high ethics, high performance and high earning career with top-tier retail brands. These careers can offer opportunities for long-term growth, access to sell products that have a high value, and engaging working environments. Our program delivers the critical proven retail expert skills, behaviors and practice that help develop your child into an expert relationship builder.

2. Why does my child need RPA for a career in retail when they already have retail experience?

While your child may already have retail experience, he, or she, may not be achieving their full career and earnings potential. The research shows that about 20% of all the retail associates account for 80% of a top-tier brand’s sales. These are the associates who achieve mastery in high performance client relationship building skills that lead to being a happy high earner. Retail Performance Academy’s program is comparable to a top-tier college in student selection, class content, and opportunities to network with the right people to get a great job. Our Elite Retail Program develops those skills during out 10-week semester and continues to coach your child for 9 months after they complete certification.

3. What is the investment, and what return can I expect for my child?

Our one year program costs $9,500 in total, including 10-weeks of classroom training, 3 nights per week, plus 9 months of group coaching and mentoring. The 10-week classroom segment will be held in New York. We teach your child to be the entrepreneur of his, or her, life. If your child learns, masters and applies the skills of high performance client relationship building we teach, he, or she, has several avenues to develop their career. They can choose to stay in retail and become a high earning sales associate, or become a high earning store manager, or eventually, a top senior retail executive. They can choose to go to work in top-tier retail and still earn their college degree during evenings, and not incur high debt. They can choose to open a business and will have the ethical selling skills to be successful in any environment. Regardless of what your child elects to do, this program will build the confidence and ethical selling and relationship-building skills we all require in life.

4. What skills can my child possibly learn from being in retail and on the sales floor?

By completing our program, people who go to work at a top-tier retail brand can learn and master the skills of high performance relationship building. Those skills include, but are not limited to:

Research Skills: the ability to build relevant expertise on the features and benefits of a product and its competitors

Empathy: the skill of listening deeply in order to understand critical needs and using your creativity to deliver effective solutions to the client and your team members

Trustworthiness: the skill of communicating to the client and team members that you are committed to serving their interests

Generosity: the skill of being kind to clients and team members, build deep human relationships, and acquire a great personal and business reputation for the short, and long term

Resilience: a growth mindset, with the courage to become a high achiever and thrive despite the challenges of career and life

Integrity: the skill to create a great career through high ethics, high performance, high earnings relationship-building regardless of where you work in the future, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur

Networking: your child becomes part of a network of high performing retail associates and top-tier brand executives. This membership gives your child a fast track, networked advantage in building career relationships that lead to a multitude of current and future opportunities. For many people, access to this network is normally impossible.

Relationship Building Skills: the ability connect in a meaningful way with others and to apply the skills to all personal and professional environments

5. What kind of quality of life should I expect for my child once they complete the course?

Your child will go to work with a top-tier brand in any of dozens of high value product categories they love, and in a pleasant environment where they have the potential to earn six figures after a few years, if they apply their relationship building skills. They will be constantly engaging with people, and will work in a high-energy environment where they don’t have to sit in front of a computer screen all day. They will work with a team of solid professionals and high-tier clients. And like in any high earning job, they will have to be flexible about their schedule and sometimes have to work one or two evenings and some weekends. This can be far better than a career in consulting, finance and technology, high earning jobs where people have to pull all-nighters and weekends, and travel frequently. Using the skills learned in our course, your child will become the entrepreneur of his, or her, life. Your child will have a chance at success that, unfortunately, many young people do not get because of poor choices of where to go to school, high debt, or what career to pursue. Most people look at retail and think fast-food restaurants and discount store jobs. Top-tier retail brand elite careers are a fun, high earnings opportunity, and, yet, few parents and their children recognize how they can benefit from the thousands of jobs available in top-tier retail.

6. Does it matter that my child has never worked in retail before?

It is not important that your child has never worked in retail before. We will consider all work experience as valuable since all jobs require relationship building and a great work ethic. However, please note that Retail Performance Academy is very selective. We will only accept your child if he, or she, demonstrates good values, strong people skills, genuine concern and care for other human beings, and the desire to succeed. Like Ivy-League colleges, our program succeeds because of three features: strict, limited student selection, a best-in-class proven curriculum, and an unmatched network of top-tier brands and executives that allows us to prepare and fast track your child into interviews after certification. We will also provide team coaching and mentoring one time per month, for 9 months, to help ensure your child is using their retail skills and overcoming common challenges.

7. Are there payment plans or scholarships available?

Currently Retail Performance Academy does not have a payment plan, and is not in any way involved with government-backed loans. You can choose to pay in full at the beginning of the program, or in 2 payments: 50% five weeks before the beginning of the program, and the other 50% before week 4. We make our program affordable in comparison to just one year of vocational school or college. We recommend that you seek a loan with a highly reputable financial institution, if necessary. For a few select students who apply, who are accepted, and have a strong, documented financial need, based on our fair and ethical judgment, we will provide a partial or full scholarship, completely at our discretion.

8. When does my child officially complete the Retail Performance Academy's Elite Retail Program?

Your child will complete the Elite Retail Program and officially graduate from Retail Performance Academy once they've:

  • Completed the 10-week in-class semester courses
  • Passed the Final Online Certification Exam
  • Received assistance with resume placement into a retail brand
  • Participated in every group coaching and mentoring meeting (1 meeting per month for 9 months)
  • A formal graduation event will be helped at the end of the full one-year program for all Retail Performance Academy students based on their start semester: Spring, Summer, or Fall.

    For more information, please contact us: info@retailperformanceacademy.com


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