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Founding of Retail Performance Academy

Our founder, Milton Pedraza, planned and developed the business model of Retail Performance Academy while attending an invitation-only entrepreneur leaders program at Stanford University.

To learn how Retail Performance Academy can benefit you, watch our video below.

While Mr. Pedraza developed Retail Performance Academy during an Entrepreneurial Executive Program at Stanford University, the company is not affiliated with Stanford University. 

Trusted, Ethical History. Verified Results.

Retail Performance Academy was founded by Milton Pedraza, founder of the New York-based Luxury Institute. Luxury Institute is the most trusted, respected, and quoted entity in the global luxury and premium goods and services industry. The Institute has served over 1,000 top-tier brands in every continent over the past 15 years. Retail Performance Academy's Elite Retail Program delivers tested, proven learning methods and expert skills innovated by Milton Pedraza and his team.

Your Elite Retail Career Opportunity

For carefully selected applicants who have the people-centric personality to qualify, Retail Performance Academy provides proven retail high performance career skills. Our Elite Retail Programs prepare participants to rapidly become highly skilled experts with mindsets and behaviors that normally take years for an expert retail associate to master.

Our Elite Retail Programs:

3-Day Boot Camp: designed for brands and privately-owned boutiques with advanced retail front-line professionals who want to take their performance to the next level

10-Week Semester: designed for individuals and boutique owners who want to become advanced and elite retail front-line professionals

Students will spend 80% of their in class time, either in the 3-day Boot Camp or throughout the 10-week semester, working in teams to rigorously practice and master the mental models and behaviors of elite retail associates, under the supervision of expert trainers.

Students participating in the 3-Day Boot Camp program will receive 6-months of group coaching and mentoring to ensure they build up to an expert level of sales performance for themselves and for their brands.

Students participating in the 10-Week Semester course will complete online certification followed by job placement assistance and support, then receive 9-months of group coaching and mentoring to ensure they have a successful start to their elite retail career.

All Retail Performance Academy students will officially complete their Elite Retail Program, Boot Camp or Semester, at the end of the program as a Retail Performance Academy graduate.

Rigorous, Industry-Aligned Elite Retail Program Semester Curriculum

3-Day Boot Camp program includes the critical skills and development modules to take advanced retail professionals to the next level, including but are not limited to:

  • Defining and Establishing Your Life Purpose, Values, and Mindset
  • Redefining the Human Role of the Retail Associate
  • Working Effectively as a Retail Team Member
  • Four Modules of Emotional Intelligence for Retail Performance
  • Retail Success Metrics Development and Application
  • Self-Assessment and Self-Coaching Skills
  • 10-Week Semester course includes the critical skills and development modules to develop elite retail professionals, including but are not limited to:

    • Defining and Establishing Your Life Purpose, Values, and Mindset
    • Redefining the Human Role of the Retail Associate
    • Working Effectively as a Retail Team Member
    • Four Modules of Emotional Intelligence for Retail Performance
    • Retail Success Metrics Development and Application
    • The Technology of Retail Performance
    • Self-Assessment and Self-Coaching Skills
    • Resume Writing, Networking, and Interviewing Skills
    • All Elite Retail Programs will be reinforced throughout monthly coaching and mentoring sessions, including goal setting and self-assessment review and retail success metrics and performance-driven coaching.

    The 3 Major Trends that Inspired the Creation of the Retail Performance Academy

    The U.S Retail Market Continues to be Vibrant

    • U.S. retail sales are estimated at $5 Trillion in 2016, and growing at 5-7% per year, with 93% sold in stores by sales associates
    • In 2016, over 15 million people, or 10% of the U.S. work force, were employed in retail with approximately 5 million serving as front-line retail associates
    • In the top-tier brands that sell the high-ticket retail goods, 20% of the retail associates, the elite, account for 60-80% of sales and are earning $80,000-$200,000+ per year

    The Luxury and Retail Market Desperately Needs Elite Associates

    • Top retailers face a daily crisis in finding qualified retail candidates to fill jobs. Almost every top-tier brand retail store is understaffed and has a job posting continuously
    • Most Luxury and Retail associates never get the proper internal training and coaching they really need, especially in the beginning, to be successful
    • As retail products become more commoditized, the drivers of retail competitive advantage become the relationship building skills and humanistic expertise of elite front-line retail sales associates who command higher earnings

    Choosing the Wrong Career is a Costly Crisis Today in America

    • Approximately 45% of students who enroll in college in the U.S. drop out, usually after Freshman year, often because they selected the wrong education/career path
    • Average college graduate wages have declined 15%, and a whopping 53% of college graduates between the ages of 21 and 29 are under-employed, or unemployed. In fact, the average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, with the total debt now at $1.3 Trillion
    • Although the annual costs of tuition can range from $40,000-$50,000, nearly 44% of recent college graduates from 4-year colleges are underemployed (hold a job that does not require a college degree)

    You can learn more about The Higher Education Bubble here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZAwBN2Q8L14 

               Retail Performance Academy addresses the three trends: the huge retail market opportunity, the desperate needs of top-tier retailers, and the problem of selecting the wrong educational and career path by many students, with an innovative, affordable, effective solution. Our unique program delivers real in-demand skills and benefits that empower you to take control of your career destiny at a very low cost. We treat you in the ethical, value-added way that you will treat your own clients.

    Retail Performance Academy Benefits

    • A career doing what you love, with an elite, high-paying job in an industry that allows you the entrepreneurial freedom to control your destiny
    • Faculty of top-tier expert Retail Executives with a track record of developing top-tier retail talent
    • Program based on proven, documented best practices tested on thousands of global retail sales associates who have leveraged their emotional intelligence to achieve results
    • Low investment vs. trade schools and colleges
    • Post-certification team coaching and mentoring sessions to help you maintain momentum
    • Access to a network of Elite Retail Alumni, Faculty, and Top-Tier Retail Brand Executives to help you succeed
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